Two Tables

Good Morning,

So i have been painting… shock horror, after all, this is what this rusticwhites was meant to be all about!! So paint brushes are out! But this time a bit more select on the project and at a slower pace! These tables have been in my garage for a month or so and I’m glad they are on their way back to the owners.

My client wanted to keep the timber tops with an Antique base.  I used Chalk Furniture Finish Antique, Maple stain for the top and then covered the whole table with Voodoo Molly Clearcoat.


table24table1 table2 table3

Think they suit my living area nicely, i’m very pleased with the finished look! My coffee table might be getting it’s own makeover soon! Happy Saturday to all.

Jamie x


French Rustic Coffee Table

It’s been ages since I’ve posted here… renovations seem to be taking over more of the house and with wet weather everyday I haven’t been inspired to do much.  Yesterday with an empty shell of a room it was time for action!  Here’s one of the finished projects.  I used a stencil for the first time on this table and pretty happy how it turned out.


My Chanel always seems to photo bomb my pictures!
You can just see the subtle stencil work.
Click here for table listing on Trademe.

On a final note, holidays have been fantastic just chilling with my girls but it’s back into it tomorrow for final school and polytechnic term, can’t wait to start seriously training for my next walking event with some of my girlfriends, and NO if your wondering we don’t do the wobbly walk lol…. !!

Take Care

x Jamie