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Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past year. 

Xo Jamie 


Melon Dresser with Pear Stool

Hi everyone,

I love this makeover!! It started our as cream, but it just didn’t sit with me, so the makeover went under again and didn’t she turn out stunning, well i like it lol….. I removed the mirror it did look a little tatty, loving it.. so fresh and crisp!




I used a Dulux colour and added Voodoo Molly Chalk Powder to make it stronger and harder wearing. Then a soft clear wax finish.


Have a great Anzac weekend!

Jamie x

Ever so sweet cabinet…


Just a couple of snap shots I took before this gorgeous cabinet was collected this afternoon.


So sweet, I’ve been asked to try and find another one similar so that the sisters can have the same, cute ah!


It had a tacky handle that didn’t suit the look I was going for and thought the glass knob worked well. So sweet! Have a great day!

Jamie x

Wow again ages since a post…. Oak Dresser Makeover

Hello there!

So again ages since i’ve posted… i thought life was going to slow down but no… it’s gained more speed and momentum!

So our No 1 daughter is moving out in 10 or so days (same town, different suburb which makes it slightly easier)…. it’s going to be so unusual and strange having both girls left home within weeks of each other! So again the major pack and sort, clean and paint her place is about to get under way… She has a great eye for design and I am enjoying watching it all come together for her! Easter will be here soon enough and yeah everyone will be here together, so will be cherishing those moments!

So a makeover! Here’s the before…


And the after… I wanted to go all white with this but it just didn’t work so ended up with Chalk Furniture Finish Antique then a dark wax finish.


The seat is covered in Pear furnishing fabric.  The set is up for sale!


I will also be at the Beacon Hill Country Shabbychic Market this Saturday with paint and a small amount of furniture and some crochet goodies!

March 28th Shabby Chic Flier

10435096_492519710886477_2337781099059381583_n 11071623_492521297552985_4071437383489747696_n

Oh and if you haven’t checked out the competition i’m running on my Facebook Page Rusticwhites go check it out if your in New Zealand! Have a fantastic week and I will share some market day photos with you next week!
Jamie x

Moth and Antique Sideboard Makeover

Hi everyone,

Another week rolls around so quickly! This year is going to fly so doing my best to make the most of every day and every experience! Had a trip to Auckland and Christchurch this last week. Visited Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint HQ in Auckland and learnt so much!! Antonia and I talked about colours, techniques and had time to do some hands on training, I came away feeling a lot more confident with her paint and other products 🙂 My oldest daughter and I went to Christchurch for two days to visit our youngest who is studying there, lets me honest study or socialising but it’s fabulous seeing her so happy and enjoying herself, with her first assignment under her belt she is loving her course! What else more can you ask….! #happymum!

So the Moth Cabinet which sold before I had a chance to promote and finish it properly so here’s some progress shots!

First the drab before….before1

I love how the inside top drawer is fully lined.before2

I painted it completely with Chalk Furniture Finish Antique. And pretty roughly, I wanted a really rough textured finish because I wanted to dark wax the bottom section of it and leave the top only clear waxed.


These photos show up the texture beautifully, the dark wax is really picking up all the detail.


Again I love how it naturally crinkled and peeled around the top of the cupboards.


After finishing the dark wax I knew the top wasn’t right so I changed the top colour to Moth Chalk Furniture Finish, what a difference and I will be using this colour again! before7

Every detail just stands out enough in my eye, not competing with each other, the claw feet, shaped legs, moulding on the cupboard fronts and the appliqué moulding I put on the middle of the upstand. before6

The lady who purchased it attended our latest painting class and just loved it the minute she saw it and had to have it! I have two more large projects on the go… which I may just keep myself, about time to keep some beautiful pieces for myself??!



Have a great day!

Jamie x

Life and stumbling across Journaling Bibles!!

Good Morning,

How is everyone…?? What a whirlwind of a time we have had… Dropping our youngest off at University, she is doing a Graphic Design Course, 5 days of room set up, meeting others in the flat, bus timetabling, grocery shopping, getting last minute supplies and the final goodbyes… A week later I think I can say she is settling in well and starting to enjoy things!! It’s lovely to talk daily and see the odd photo and snapchat… where would we be without the technology we have today! Now we are into setting up our oldest in her own flat… fun times all round!! I think … 🙂 But it will all be good in the end, things change and you just have to roll with it!

I came across this fabulous creative way to journal in your bible, not that I am one for doing so, maybe I need to not be so precious with mine…. one of my bibles is a white Message bible, one that Hillsong Colour had as a gift a few years ago, wondering if I can use that, but doesn’t have wide margins… I might have to find a wide margin one at some stage.


Then I found this website! Just so creative and colourful love it! Illustrated Faith check it out!! Even if you are just into scrapbooking or journalling so many ideas… where to start!


Great tutorials too!

Downloads and guest bloggers…

Righto I’m off to dark wax a sideboard, will share the finished piece soon!
Jamie x

Spring Green Antique Table Makeover

Hi all,

Just a quick post today, my last makeover before we take our youngest to uni….  a gorgeous antique table that I’ve painted in Chalk Furniture Finish Spring Green.


This table has lovely shape and is a good height for behind a chair.


Spring Green is so fresh, think it’s one of my favourites now!


I had a vision for this before I started which always makes things go so much more smoothly! Loving the finished look and contemplating keeping this one!


Have a great week!

Jamie x