Miss Mustard Seed Mora

Good Afternoon,

I recently salvaged this pretty shabby china cabinet, it was a bit worse for wear, but it had great potential and was quite solid.

So here’s the before shot!!  Sorry a bit blurry but you get the idea!


I decided to have a go with Miss Mustard Seed Mora, I have used the paint a few times but not on a large project and I wanted to ‘add’ to the already rustic charm of the piece and give it more texture!

So with a bit of tiding up here’s the finished product!


I had to replace the handle as the original one was broken, unfortunately I couldn’t find a similar one to replace it with, so the silver one worked out ok.


The glass is all in good condition. I love the subtle grey green colour.  The paint came away beautifully to leave some areas quite chippy and other parts a good solid colour. I found Miss Mustard Seed very easy to work with.


Have a great week!



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