Life and stumbling across Journaling Bibles!!

Good Morning,

How is everyone…?? What a whirlwind of a time we have had… Dropping our youngest off at University, she is doing a Graphic Design Course, 5 days of room set up, meeting others in the flat, bus timetabling, grocery shopping, getting last minute supplies and the final goodbyes… A week later I think I can say she is settling in well and starting to enjoy things!! It’s lovely to talk daily and see the odd photo and snapchat… where would we be without the technology we have today! Now we are into setting up our oldest in her own flat… fun times all round!! I think … 🙂 But it will all be good in the end, things change and you just have to roll with it!

I came across this fabulous creative way to journal in your bible, not that I am one for doing so, maybe I need to not be so precious with mine…. one of my bibles is a white Message bible, one that Hillsong Colour had as a gift a few years ago, wondering if I can use that, but doesn’t have wide margins… I might have to find a wide margin one at some stage.


Then I found this website! Just so creative and colourful love it! Illustrated Faith check it out!! Even if you are just into scrapbooking or journalling so many ideas… where to start!


Great tutorials too!

Downloads and guest bloggers…

Righto I’m off to dark wax a sideboard, will share the finished piece soon!
Jamie x


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