Makeover madness!

Long time since I’ve posted!! I am gearing up for the next shabby chic market so it’s crazy busy here, plus schools out… Christmas is coming and social events to attend!! Yeah for life and all it’s fullness 🙂

Here’s some makeovers I’ve done recently!

Before shot!


After!! The lead lights were so damaged and I haven’t the time to get them restored so thought wire was a great option and I had a vision for this, being rustic and rough, I love how it turned out.


I hand crocheted these dish cloths for the market too.


Next up this dresser.. it was boring brown with horrible horrible handles.

Now it’s bright, clean, fresh looking, perfect for a girls room.  I also finished the gorgeous snuggly crochet throw for a lovely lady in Australia.


If your in Nelson please come and check out the Shabbychic Market at Beacon Hill on Patons Road.


Have a great week!





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