Drawers Makeover with Voodoo Molly!


Yes it’s Spring here in New Zealand and time to really get into the painting!! I thought I’d try out Voodoo Molly Vintage Chalk, and I must say I love this product!  Here’s the before shot, unfortunately I had already taken the mirror off and given it a good sand, the top was a bit shabby. Beware lots of photos coming up….

photo 3 
Voodoo Vintage Chalk is so easy to use!! The quantities and details are all on the packaging so you can mix up as little or as much as you need!  I made up enough to do these drawers with several coats. This additive turns any paint into chalk paint, so easy and it’s excellent quality.

photo 5

Give it a good stir before you get started.

photo 6

After the first two coats, the timber was bleeding through, argh don’t you hate that!!… not a worry thou! I used Voodoo Molly Vintage Sealer, another product I am growing to love!! It’s dries clear so if you distress it a little no white of the normal primer/blockers show through! Did I say I love this product 🙂

photo 1

It did need a few coats, but it’s so easy and quick to apply and no fuss!

photo 4

I also painted the chair! The colour is so calming and quite a neutral! And with the added Vintage Chalk I know the paint will endure family wear and tear.

pattens blue

A little distressing here and there.


I sealed the drawers with clear wax.



This would have to be one of my favourite colours!


All these products are available from Rusticwhites, check out my about page for contact details.


Have a great night x Jamie




2 thoughts on “Drawers Makeover with Voodoo Molly!

  1. I really like your honesty – thank you
    Nothing worse than when products say covers easily in one coat and you find it bleeds and you need 12 coats
    Great result too, well done!

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