Hello and Welcome… & a makeover or two..

Hello there, and welcome to my blog, so many new followers, thank you!  This is still new to me and I’m still finding my way with the whole blogging thing, sometimes i’m more about the facts than a typical blog… but i’m getting there!!

I’m loving this makeover i did this week, making the most of the fine winter weather, I believe we are in for a wet weekend thou.

So here’s the before shot, if you follow me on instagram and fb you would have seen photos…


I purchased a couple of Voodoo Molly Chalk Paint test posts and finally found the above table to try one of the colours… so after a lot, actually a huge amount of prep work finally I got the colour on!

Voodoo Molly Pistachio a beautiful soft yellow, I just love it and it fits in so well in my living room.


The natural top i sanded right back and finished with clear and dark wax.

DSC_0066  p2p3

Here’s the next project… I think I might leave the top natural too if it’s turns out anything like the other one…


So what do you think?? Ideas for colours?

Have a fabulous weekend

Jamie x





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