A Labour of Love…

Good Evening,

Hope your week is going well, I seem to have developed a cold, so staying warm today, watching a bit of Tennis and doing a bit of housework and washing… all a bit boring.. (apart from the Tennis!)

My husband and I picked this cabinet up from a Scouts garage sale a few months ago now, it was tired but had great potential… unfortunately I took the doors off before taking the picture but their were a few glass panels broken, everything was there it just needed some l o v e …  My Mother spotted it in our garage and that was it, she had to have it! So they took the doors away and had them fixed and I was left to paint!!  By far my greatest challenge yet! Always a tad stressful when doing it for someone you know, haven’t quite got used to that yet!


What do you think?  The Oak was quite dark so I gave it two coats of primer/stain blocker, then on with the colour.


The lady did a fantastic job at fixing the broken glass panels. You wouldn’t even know where it was broken.


All the hardware – handles, key, lock, hinges are original.


I can’t wait to see what she does with it now and what will be displayed!


I’ve had three lots of different brands of chalk paint arrive this week, will share once I find some projects… help??

Keep warm x Jamie


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