Market preparations and things…

Hi there,
Lying in bed wide awake thinking hey I haven’t written a post in a while… Lots been happening here with Easter and Anzac Weekend that has given us a chance to have some down time.
Here we are in Auckland was a lovely break away from the norm! Here we are waiting at the Devonport ferry heading across to the city.
20140429-035703.jpgWe also visited Raglan for the first time which was pretty cool, a lovely beachy holiday spot.
20140429-035851.jpg20140429-035910.jpg20140429-040837.jpgLoved catching up with family we hadn’t seen in a long long time…
So what else has been happening… Camping!? Crazy for us but yes we brought a caravan! Had our first trip a few days ago, all in all pretty successful, have come back with a list of things to buy or change to improve the experience. The caravan is a 1950’s Starliner that the previous owner completely revamped and restyled and it’s pretty much brand new! I’ve had fun buying up some mis-mashed china plates for it!
20140429-041428.jpgWhen the sun came out it was a stunning day!
20140429-041500.jpgPerfect day…
20140429-041521.jpgAnd last but not least it’s market time again this weekend, here’s some sneak peeks, enjoy.
20140429-042258.jpgI also picked up this beauty and in the process of finishing it for the market. 20140429-042311.jpg
Well that’s about it from me, will share some pics of the market, praying for fine weather!!!


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