Stunning Blue Cabinet

Hello there, hope you week is going well, February seems to be almost over, it’s been incredibly muggy today, even managed to have a swim to cool off tonight…

I worked on this beauty yesterday and it’s come up a treat!  And again like everything I want to keep it but it must go…


Isn’t she a beauty!! Fresh, clean and looking oh so pretty!


This is the first piece of furniture I’ve completed with this style of foot, rather different! It’s sitting up on feet underneath the foot (make sense??) so the foot isn’t actually touching the floor.



The bottles I picked up from our local glass recycling centre, I’m on the look out for a 3rd one or the smaller bottle.  The silver sugar bowl (probably not called a sugar bowl!!!) was my father-inlaws parents, we were given it about 17 years ago now… don’t look to close it needs a polish!


have a fabulous week!

Jamie x




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