ShabbyChic cabinet and my first market!

How is everyone!  Again it’s been ages since i’ve posted… we are back to school and our oldest has started her first full time job yeah!  Ive signed up for my first ever ShabbyChic Market… which has been a challenge getting everything ready but i’m on top of it all now… i think, unless any last minute makeovers appear! These items below will be available at the market. Search ‘rusticwhites’ on fb and instagram i’ve added other sneak peek shots of what i’m taking there!


So here’s the details for the market if your local, would be great to see you!

Here’s a reveal of what i’ve got for the big day!

This unit was given to us… and here’s how it turned out!  It had a top piece which we had to take off to get the unit home but decided it looked fabulous without it!


We made our own chalk paint and are so thrilled with the results, the yellow is so bright and vibrant!


Some destressing here and there, antique handles and here she goes, one piece that  your eyes won’t miss!


I love it, if your not afraid of a bit of colour it’s the perfect statement piece!
Have a blessed day!




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