London 2016

So we finally made it…. a few months in the making, 36hrs travel, but so good to be reunited with our girls. Overwhelmed and happy! Sometimes one word is all it takes….

ReunitedGuildfordTogetherStonesSistersBucket list ✔️Frome ShopsMy loveWheres the horses and knights?FamilyGeorgianThe AbbeyImpressiveStunningDetailsMusicRoyal CresentCircusArchitectureAwkward pants!Layers HorsellBrunchMore exploring to come. 


Neighbourly … 

Anyone been on the neighbourly app? My husband offered my crochet services to a lovely lady, I was pleased to help! 

Here’s the original blanket, it just needed some finishing touches.

I decided to use up the yarn she had given me and did 7 rows of double crochet around the edge after I had done a single crochet row around the blanket.

I finished it with crab stitch which I haven’t used before but I loved the rolled edge and I’m sure I will use it again.  A lovely project completed and Ann is thrilled with it.

Have a lovely evening! 


Its’ been six months…

So it’s been pretty much 6 months to the day since i’ve blogged! The year has delivered new challenges but I can now say we are through to the other side of it and are now enjoying life more!

I’m taking a bit of a different angle this year, with the tag line – creating beautiful things – whether it be painted furniture or handcrafted pieces.  Most are one off creations with the exception of snowcapped painted mountains and crochet fruit which I can make to order. You can visit my website to make an order and I am happy to ship throughout New Zealand and to Australia.

These handcrafted pieces look very sweet in your precious one’s bedroom on display, here are a few photos from recent customers.

We farewelled our oldest daughter to the UK 6 weeks ago, the upside of this is I now have a sewing room, which I have to say is nearly too small!! Here is my first blouse and bloomers! Size 12 months. These are available now $50 for the set. Go to website for details on that and the ear flap hat and a few other one off pieces.


Here’s my latest painted piece, I used Moth by Heirloom Chalk Furniture Finish, I love it and it is waiting for it’s new owner!! Email me if you are keen, only in South Island NZ thou 🙂moth6.JPG

Have a great day and will post again soon with more creations!

Country Extendable Table and Chairs

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I kept this set to seat our guests for Christmas dinner, I hope your day was as special as ours! Full of family and food! Everyone together for a long time…  This is the first time for me cooking the Ham and I must say it turned out pretty well, I also made the gluten free chocolate tart which was amazing! My ever glamorous Mum is cutting the traditional New Zealand Pavlova. It was a beautiful hot sunny day spent outside by the pool.

The grey Country Extendable table and chairs came in handy to seat everyone but is now up for sale, scroll through to bottom of photos to view.

Xo Jamie46822_10208023614938583_3014590739820246333_nIMG_1236IMG_1247IMG_1232IMG_1229IMG_1240IMG_123522242321

Two Tables

Good Morning,

So i have been painting… shock horror, after all, this is what this rusticwhites was meant to be all about!! So paint brushes are out! But this time a bit more select on the project and at a slower pace! These tables have been in my garage for a month or so and I’m glad they are on their way back to the owners.

My client wanted to keep the timber tops with an Antique base.  I used Chalk Furniture Finish Antique, Maple stain for the top and then covered the whole table with Voodoo Molly Clearcoat.


table24table1 table2 table3

Think they suit my living area nicely, i’m very pleased with the finished look! My coffee table might be getting it’s own makeover soon! Happy Saturday to all.

Jamie x

I’m still here….

So it’s probably been a good few months since I’ve posted, are you ready for a long post!!! I don’t know where this year has disappeared to so far! Any one else feel like that? But I think I’m slowing achieving, … quietly…., beavering away at the list that’s in my ‘mind!’ 

Our house is getting a bit of a makeover… It all starting with this freezing winter we are having, frost after frost after frost! So a pallet fire is going in, one of the only few options our local council will allow, it’s been three weeks and we are still waiting for the permit, we are in to Spring now so it’s looking like we won’t use it now till next winter but I know it will be so worth it!

So after deciding on that we looked at our carpet and thought lets re-do that (carpet ordered) which lead to a new lounge suite (purchased), new furnishings (getting there), new TV cabinet (still looking) and so on… And our laundry has had a makeover too! Expensive fire lol… But it’s so nice having it all new and matching, happy dance right there!!  The carpet is 4 weeks away which might give us time to touch up some paint on the walls too.  In between all of this we have our oldest daughters 21st, and a rugby World Cup to consume our time (go All Blacks!) 
I’ve been crafting the winter away here’s some completed pieces! 
Knitted cushions!  
Crochet hook caddy! 

Chunky throw for caravan (that’s getting a makeover too will share when it’s done!  

Commission coffee table  
Oak Plant Stand
Rail Trail cosmetic bags for two girlfriends and I  
PJ pants for littlies 
Damien and I had 9 days in Melbourne the highlight being the drive to see the 12 Apostles, absolutely amazing!
Commission dresser 
China cabinet  
Hall Table

Gorgeous dresser

So I think we are all caught up! We are into birthday season now in our family, Life is full on but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 
Love to all! 

X Jamie 

Miss Mustard Seed Mora

Good Afternoon,

I recently salvaged this pretty shabby china cabinet, it was a bit worse for wear, but it had great potential and was quite solid.

So here’s the before shot!!  Sorry a bit blurry but you get the idea!


I decided to have a go with Miss Mustard Seed Mora, I have used the paint a few times but not on a large project and I wanted to ‘add’ to the already rustic charm of the piece and give it more texture!

So with a bit of tiding up here’s the finished product!


I had to replace the handle as the original one was broken, unfortunately I couldn’t find a similar one to replace it with, so the silver one worked out ok.


The glass is all in good condition. I love the subtle grey green colour.  The paint came away beautifully to leave some areas quite chippy and other parts a good solid colour. I found Miss Mustard Seed very easy to work with.


Have a great week!